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Christine Faunce

3rd Year Ph.D. Candidate

Fun Facts:

  • can balance a binder on head while performing an entire marching band routine (I guess I have a really flat head??)

  • has a 0.20% winning record in Mortal Kombat

  • grandpa used to coach Olympic swimmers, but I still struggle doing a flip turn

A Bit About Me

I'm pretty sure no one in my life expected me to become a scientist - myself included. I definitely shied away from the biological sciences in high school because I was intimidated by the subjects. Even when I got to college, I planned to study cognitive science and go into Law. If not for really great mentors, I would have never acknowledged my potential and genuine interest in science. Somehow I wound up taking organic chemistry for fun one year - just to see if it was as bad as people made it seem. I loved it, and it made me excited for applications of chemistry into neuroscience. That was a pivotal moment for me, and ever since, I've been enamored by the field of chemical biology. 

I am currently a third year Ph.D. candidate at the University of Pennsylvania. I am passionate about helping students matriculate into graduate school (especially those looking into biomedical research!), so I created this website where I can share my advice and resources!


University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania

Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech

May 2023 - Present

Certificate in Law through Carey Law School

August 2021 - Present

Field of Study: Pharmacology

August 2016 - May 2021

Field of Study: Experimental Neuroscience

August 2018 - May 2021

Field of Study: Medicinal Chemistry

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